Trio Petroleum

Building on our Team's 40-year history of Success & Production

Trio's HV-3A DISCOVERY WELL AT THE pRESIDENTS prospect in our core-asset South Salinas Project

Trio Petroleum

Trio Petroleum Corp. is a California-focused oil and gas exploration, development and production company headquartered in California, with operations in Monterey County.

We are continuing development of the large South Salinas Project.

The project’s P2 Probable + P3 Possible recoverable oil and gas reserves under Trio’s current leasehold are an estimated 131 million barrels of oil plus 189 billion cubic feet of gas, or 163 million barrels of oil equivalent.

Billion barrels of Original Oil in Place (OOIP)1
Trillion cubic feet of Original Gas in Place (OGIP)1
Working Interest in the large South Salinas Project
0 %

Company Overview

Trio Petroleum Corp. (“Corp”) is a California-based company that had its IPO on the New York Stock Exchange on April 18, 2023 (NYSE-American, ticker symbol “TPET”)

Our core asset is the South Salinas Project (“SSP”) in Monterey County, CA, with an estimated 2.12 billion barrels of OOIP and 1.18 trillion cubic feet of OGIP under our leasehold (these are P10, “High”, estimates)

“Presidents” and “Humpback” are large prospects and each has a discovery well

Presidents Prospect and the giant Cat Canyon West Field (EUR 100 MMBO) are direct analogues with respect to size of structure, depth, oil gravity (~20° API gravity oil) and Monterey reservoir facies

Trio, immediately after its IPO, drilled the HV-1 confirmation/discovery well at the Presidents Oilfield, which currently (July-August, 2023) is being production tested, with initial test rates as high as 125 BOPD (see press releases regarding HV-1).

Our core asset and key members of our management team come through Trio Petroleum LLC, located in Bakersfield, CA, which since its formation in 1983 has been a well-respected Operator and exploration and production company

Our Vice Chairman, Frank Ingriselli, is currently President of Indonesia Energy Corp. and was President of Texaco International: Trio Petroleum Corp is Frank’s 4th energy-company IPO on the NYSE

Our Chairman, Stan Eschner, was Domestic & International VP at Oxy where he participated in the exploration and exploitation of ~ 50 oil and gas fields

We plan to acquire additional assets and to grow a profitable exploration and production company

Timeline Of Key Events

Trio Petroleum has a rich history of generating prospects, drilling wells, and economically producing discovered oil.

Stan leaves Oxy as its ‘Domestic and International VP and Chief Geologist’ after achieving involvement in the exploration & exploitation of ~50 O&G fields comprising 500 MMBO of recoverable oil & 2.5 TCF of gas

Stan leaves Oxy and co-founds Trio Petroleum LLC
Trio commercially develops the Lynch Canyon Field in the South Salinas Basin with Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) of 10 MMBO
Trio makes exploration discovery at Hangman Hollow Field in South Salinas Basin with Estimated Ultimate Recovery (EUR) of 4-5 MMBO
Trio acquires 30 square miles of proprietary 3D seismic data at our South Salinas Project (core asset)

Terry Eschner utilizes 3D seismic to remap Trio’s Humpback Prospect and generate the Presidents Prospect
Trio obtains approval to drill & test 4 exploration wells on South Salinas Project

Trio makes O&G discovery at HV-3A well
Consulting geophysicist Scott Haberman confirms & improves interpretations of South Salinas Project data

Trio Petroleum Corp. formed to acquire WI in South Salinas Project & partner with Trio Petroleum LLC
Frank Ingriselli, former President of Texaco International & current President of NYSE American listed Indonesia Energy Corporation, joins Trio as CEO

Gregory Overholtzer joins Trio as CFO
Trio closes IPO on the NYSE Symbol NYSE:TPET

Trio drills & completes Confirmation Discovery Well HV-1

Michael Peterson joins Trio as CEO

Frank Ingriselli becomes Vice Chairman

Prolific Region

The South Salinas Project is surrounded by California’s prolific world class oil producing basins and fields and is close to multiple refineries.

South Salinas Projects

San Joaquin Basin
8.6+ BBO Produced2
LA Basin
1.2 + BBO Produced2

South Salinas

The South Salinas Project has P10 (High) estimates under Trio’s current leasehold of 2.12 billion barrels of oil (OOIP) and 1.18 trillion cubic feet of gas (OGIP).¹


1.  Reserves Attributable to Trio Petroleum Corp., South Salinas Area, Effective Date November 1, 2021, KLS Petroleum Consulting LLC, Kenneth L. Schuessler, P.E., Managing Member