Trio Petroleum

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Trio Petroleum Corp. is a California-focused oil and gas exploration and development company headquartered in Bakersfield, California, with operations in Monterey County.

Trio Petroleum

The Company was formed in 2021 as a Delaware C Corporation to partner with Trio Petroleum LLC while acquiring its 85.75% Working Interest (WI) in the large 8,600-acre South Salinas Project.

Founded in 1983, Trio Petroleum LLC has had production primarily from 8 fields in California, and an exceptional team with a history of generating prospects, drilling wells, and economically producing discovered oil.

Trio Petroleum LLC discovery well HV-3A

The project’s P2 Probable + P3 Possible recoverable oil and gas reserves under Trio’s current leasehold are an estimated 131 million barrels of oil plus 189 billion cubic feet of gas, or 163 million barrels of oil equivalent.¹


Trio’s immediate plans to build on the Project’s development include infrastructure work and the Q1 2023 drilling of Production well HV-1.


Trio Petroleum LLC will continue as the Project’s Operator.

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